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Who We Are


Qubix SMP is a minecraft server with over 5 years of history.

Starting out in January of 2013, with no real name, a group of brothers and people they invited to their server started a Minecraft SMP. The server was completely private for over a year, but it was decided in April of 2014 that the server would accept applications. At the time, the server still had no name. So the original founders brother decided on the name… MindHack. He was very original.

Some years went by, a lot of people came and went. Some came back, some left again, the server’s name changed.


Finally, we end up here. A brand new server with 95 percent new members, and the latest version of minecraft.


Latest Posts

The day I meet KaasBaas_Isaac.

Now that the server comprises of majority new members, I thought I would share the story of meeting the Cheese Boss himself, Isaac. The date was November 21st, 2014. MindHack…

Our Team

Nice to meet you


Founder. Original MindHacker. Co-Owner.


Owner. Original Mindhacker. Dutch.


Moderator. Surprisingly not dutch.