The day I meet KaasBaas_Isaac.

Now that the server comprises of majority new members, I thought I would share the story of meeting the Cheese Boss himself, Isaac.

The date was November 21st, 2014. MindHack had just added 3 new members. tcccdcsc12, Pondaze, and KaasBaas_Isaac. It was only appropriate that we play a UHC that day, so the server owner at the time, Elkton97 setup the map.
We played with random teams, which is always hard when you have new members. I was hoping to get on andycc99’s team, because we hadn’t lost a UHC together yet, but my hopes faded when I was placed with a new member. KaasBaas_Isaac. I had never talked to this guy before, although I knew he was pretty young compared to the rest of the group because I had read his application.
I got into a Skype call with him, and we started to talk. Or, at least, try to. Isaac’s English wasn’t very good, and my comprehension skills could leave something to be desired. So with that, we went and we starved to death in less than twenty minutes in our first UHC together.
But I wasn’t mad. Understanding Isaac had actually gotten easier through that game, and we knew we were screwed within the first ten minutes anyway, but we just joked, and had a good time starving to death together. It’s pretty sappy, but we were friends pretty much right away.
The main reason I’m writing this is because I just kinda, showed up into this group unannounced. Started taking over things, was promoted to Co-Owner the second day of me being in the current group. I know at least one person was confused.

It’s okay Cear, <3 you bb.

I swear I’m not some random dude Isaac decided to give Owner perms to, and I have definitely known him for a good amount of time. Isaac was one of my first true online friends. I’ve had other people I’ve known, and have played video games with, but Isaac was truly a friends from the start.
I haven’t watched all of the video below, but it’s a little insight into how this group was before, and also a great way to know the day I meet a great friend online.

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